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François Dominic Laramée (en) : Chess Programming
Dennis M. Breuker (en) : Memory versus Search in Games
Bruce Moreland (en) : Computer Chess
Tristan Cazenave (fr) : Des Optimisations de l'Alpha Bêta
Ed Schröder (en) : Rebel
Mark Lefler (en) : Wiki
Larry Kaufman (en) : The Evaluation of Material Imbalances
Dann Corbit - Swaminathan (en) : Strategic Test Suite
Martin Fierz (en) : Strategy Game Programming
Beowulf (en) : Computer Chess Programming Theory

Engines Tournaments

Tournois BlitzChess
Le Fou numérique
Computer Chess Rating Lists (CCRL)
Chess Engines Grand Tournament (CEGT)
Owl Computer Chess Engines Blitz
IPON Rating List


Various links regarding Chess in general.
The website of the famous magazine Europe Echecs.
An endgame online tablebases server (up to 6 men).
The world of chess.
A very popular French speaking forum.
Pictures, videos, fonts and much more at ChessGraphics.
BlitzChess, dedicated to the old electronic chessboards.
Echecs 88 ,specialized in endgames for top level engines.
TalkChess, english speaking forum, very popular even in the top engine author's circle.
Chessvibes, a website in english following Chess news.
The videos from Tarswelder on DailyMotion, which are a real pleasure for all fans. Videos especially designed for beginners.
The website Chess Tempo well designed, will allow you to improve your chess skills.

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