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Memo is a notepad for Windows® that allows you to make personal and private notes everyday just like a diary. Your data are stored in a database, protected by a password and encrypted, thus inaccessible to the eyes of others.

The default password of the Memo is admin. You can change it (highly recommended) but don't forget to keep it somewhere or a clue to remind it.

You can save, edit the text appearance (fonts, colors ...) or the size of the main window. Only one file for your preferences is created in the same folder as the Memo. It also has a search function.

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Memo - Interface
interface silverchess
Memo - Options


This software is free, guaranteed no viruses or spyware, and has passed the test of Windows Certification (Windows Desktop App Certification). It was created with Visual Studio 2012 express and implements SQLCE 4.0 for the database.

Memo (XP, Vista, Seven, Windows 8 -8.1 -10 for desktop)

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