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Delphil is based on Tom Kerrigan's TSCP written in C and translated in Pascal with Delphi.

I want to thank Olivier Deville for his help in the debugging of Delphil especially at the beginning.

A big thank you to Gabriel Leperlier for his numerous tests (including many long games), his precious suggestions and for the English translation of this site.

I greet Leo Dijksman for his great patience with me, especially with early versions of Delphil.

Eugène Nalimov (Microsoft) and Andrew Kadatch (Microsoft) for their tablebases and authorization of use with Delphil.

Patrick Buchmann, creator of the website Fou Numérique which helped many French programmers to make known himself.

A tribute to Eric Belot, for his huge work of passionate with his website BlitzChess and his constant availability.

Sune Fischer, author of Frenzee, which is the origin of the EGTB.dll library that allows access to tablebases. I translated his sources in Pascal for Delphil. A quick note for Pascal programmers as i created a smal example here to let you see how you may access tablebases. As there are few sources and i found none in Pascal, i put it online. If you have any comments on this source code, please contact me and i will make changes if necessary.

The host of this website, which is done for free and without advertising.

The website CoolText which allowed me to easily create the logo of this website.

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