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Delphil is a chess program in console mode for Windows, written in Pascal with Delphi.

It implements the UCI protocol and therefore requires an interface that supports this protocol. There are many free GUIs listed in the downloads section.

It can access Eugene Nalimov's endgame TableBases. These tables in the '.emd' format increase the strength of the program in the endgame. The path of the folder where you have stored the files must be given to the interface.

It supports up to 32 processors (SMP).


Delphil :

The archive contains the program as well as a dll to access the tablebases. This dll must remain in the same folder.

Delphil 3.2 32bits (Windows 32 bits and 64 bits)
Delphil 3.2 64bits (Windows 64 bits only)

GUIs :

To embed Delphil into one of these GUIs, refer to the help they provide.

Arena, SCID, Lucaschess, Jose, ChessGui, Tarrasch.

Nalimov TableBases :

You must copy the files in a folder , and then provide the path of this folder to the GUI.

3 to 6 men.

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